Monday, June 27, 2005

"All-Terrain" Includes the Highway

Dear ALL TRN 7,

Although you are driving an "all-terrain" Jeep that even has a license plate proclaiming it to be "ALL TRN 7," you are most manifestly a dork-ass suburban middle-aged wannabe with some kind of identity crisis. There's a clear excitement gap between your car and your actual lifestyle.

I know this because driving 50 miles an hour on an interstate highway posted 65 mph (45 minimum) and slowing down to 40 any time there's a "join" in the highway pavement so as not to jar your precious allegedly all-terrain Jeep is a DEAD GIVEAWAY that you bought it to shore up a sagging self-image, not to fit your lifestyle. Just because you can afford the trappings of an exciting, trendy, rugged, outdoorsy lifestyle doesn't make your lifestyle exciting, trendy, rugged, and/or outdoorsy. But congratulations on being so thoroughly brainwashed by Madison Avenue that you honestly believe you CAN buy a lifestyle by buying a car and a vanity plate.

Just so you know we're on to you.


P.S.: If you really were outdoorsy and rugged, you'd be driving a Prius or - even better - pedaling under your own power on a mountain bike of some sort. Only pathetic indoor A/C-dependent posers drive gas-guzzlers and SUVs while claiming to be outdoorsy. Again, just so you know.

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