Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Jon Stewart: American Hero

Eyebrows is busy with an ill feline and doesn't have time to blog, but I wanted to make sure that EVERYONE goes and watches this clip of Jon Stewart trying to hold Crossfire accountable for the damage they do to American politics, and begging the mainstream media to serve the American public rather than the corporations. Watch Begala and Carlson squirm as they appear totally unable to a) let Stewart finish a sentence or b) answer his tough, incisive questions.


It's worth watching the little lead-in commercial because it's one of the finest speeches on behalf of the American public made since the Civil Rights battles. Thank God there are at least a few people, like Jon Stewart, still willing to speak truth to power, even if Stewart often has to use satire and humor to do it.


Star said...

Ah-HA! Thank you, Eyebrows. I just saw Stewart's follow-up on today's Daily Show, and was thinking that it would be nice to have seen the original Crossfire interview.

Eyebrows McGee said...

And if you'd like to see the follow-up clip from the Daily Show, check it out at: